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Connecting students to campus community

College and university can be an exciting time, and yet there are many challenges students face. Not only can basic campus navigation feel convoluted, especially for newcomers, but students can feel disconnected from campus life simply because they can't find the experiences that matter to them. For decades, colleges and universities have lagged behind when it comes to their digital architecture; their web platforms feel antiquated and are frustrating to use. Meet Waypoint, the plug-and-play enterprise platform designed specifically for educational institutions. Using integration with university SSO and data networks, it offers a tailored mobile experience unique to each campus community, and most importantly, unique to each user. Waypoint is designed to streamline campus navigation, connect students to extracurriculars, and promote a more vibrant campus culture. ‍

Simply sign-in with your existing university credentials and indicate the types of activities and experiences you're interested in. Waypoint will automatically pull relevant data to create your personalized profile. Discover live events, sports, and restaurant deals that match your preferences. Browse recommended clubs, learn more about them, and get in touch with organizers all within the app. Easily view your upcoming timetable and get notified when it's time to leave for class. Get directions to anywhere on your campus, including detailed indoor routing. Take advantage of SafeWalk, a high-traffic routing option available at off-peak hours for increased safety. In short, Waypoint is your go-to resource for everything you need to know or want to do on campus.

The core branding is neutral to allow for custom themes, including colour and imagery, that highlight each institution's unique identity

Personalized Discoverability

The concept of this app relies heavily upon discoverability using automation. During the onboarding process, Waypoint will ask the user to sign in with their respective university or college. This will sync all relevant data, such as student timetable and calendar info. The user can then enter their activity preferences, which will be used to personalize event and club suggestions. Once this process is complete, Waypoint will generate a custom dashboard highlighting relevant events and clubs. The user can easily select any event or club to learn more information as well as RSVP for upcoming events.

Auto Routing & Reminders

Aside from recommendations, Waypoint is useful for navigating anywhere on campus. This includes the interiors of buildings which may not be available on standard maps. When the user opens the directional interface by selecting the 'plus' icon, automated suggestions are presented based on the user's previous searches, travelling habits, and current location. Another useful feature is notifications, which prompt the user to leave for an upcoming event. The app will automatically provide directions should the user need them.

Waypoint helps students easily navigate their campus, save on food and purchases, stay on top of their schedule, and discover memorable new experiences

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