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York Design Grad Show

Showcasing four years of culminating talent

As 2023 graduates of the York Program in Design, our cohort worked to prepare an event that would showcase our culminating design pieces to potential employers and the broader design community. An important aspect of this showcase was a digital exhibition that would extend our reach beyond Toronto. The website would also serve as an archive of our work to look back on in the years to come.

Working alongside marketing and branding efforts, my team and I developed a responsive website that both incorporated our theme and design guidelines while allowing the work to remain front-and-center. The site needed to be easily navigable and surface designer profiles and projects at strategic points throughout every user flow. Through a highly compressed 5-week timeline of brainstorming, designing, testing, and developing, we were able to launch a site that met all of our key objectives and successfully showcased our design skills to the world.

We're honoured that this project was selected as the first-place recipient of the 2023 RGD Student Award for web design. An in-depth analysis of every aspect of our process is available via the link below.

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"This project has beautiful, tight typography with a design opinion but allows each individual designer and their work to come forward. The splash page and the animation with the cubes is a real statement feature that sets the desired tone."
Judges, RGD Student Awards

Emphasizing the work

The branding and user interface were designed with the primary goal of surfacing and showcasing design work. To achieve this, the brand utilizes subtle penrose elements on a clean, black-and-white backdrop. Typography is minimal, and white space is generous. In order to give the website a distinct design opinion while remaining true to its objective, tight swiss-style margins, typography, and grids are used to bring an elegant and modern style to each page. Subtle hover interactions over links and seamless page transition fades help polish the user experience.

"A clean type hierarchy, immediate and subtle feedback on interaction with UI elements, and a strong grid makes this website dynamic, modern and effective."
Judges, RGD Student Awards

End of a chapter, start of an era

On a personal note, this project is significant because it marks the end of a four-year journey in design education. This program stretched and challenged me as a creative thinker, and introduced me to many incredible people along the way. Working alongside my colleagues and friends to properly showcase our cohort's culminating work was a fulfilling way to close out my time at York University. Conversely, this site also marks the beginning of a new era of designers. As the first cohort of graduates in the York Program in Design, it was a unique opportunity to introduce the wider community to a new program that is sure to produce high quality talent in the years to come.

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