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Simplifying the online shopping experience

Online shopping is convenient, but can often leave users frustrated. Especially when hunting for popular products (such as the PS4), a retailer's stock can sell out within minutes. Users are left with a choice: spend hours refreshing websites to find available stock, or wait until supply is greater – which can take weeks or even months. Shopquest is the solution for those who want to simplify their shopping experience and take the stress out of buying popular products. ‍

Looking to purchase the latest gaming console, but can't find any in stock? Add your item to the app and let Shopquest search the web for you, 24/7. Simply specify the retailers you prefer, the price you're looking for, and your desired quantity. Get notified when your item is available, or subscribe and let Shopquest purchase the item instantly on your behalf. Looking for the perfect gift? Let Shopquest track hard-to-find gift items in the background. You can even add your friends and family in the app to share your ideal gift wish lists. ‍

Shopquest is a concept prototype conceptualized and designed by Sean Reibling and Joey Wong. It was completed over 13 weeks as part of a term project for an interaction design course at York University. The goal of this project was to find a problem facing consumers and use automation to solve that problem in the form of a mobile app. The result of multiple ideation sessions and numerous pivots led to the concept of this app, which aims to automate the tedious elements of online shopping. Stay tuned for a more detailed case study outlining the full UX journey taken throughout this course.

The branding is minimal yet bold, remaining identifiable without being overly prominent. The Q logo is also evocative of a magnifying glass, alluding to the service's primary function.

Onboarding & Subscription

Onboarding is quick and simple. During this process, the user can select the free or paid service tiers, the latter of which provides access to the auto purchasing function as well as unlimited item tracking. Once a payment method is provided, the account will be created and the user can begin tracking items. This subscription model is an important part of the app, as it would allow Shopquest to become a viable business while keeping the interface clear of advertising.

Tracking Your Items

It's easy to set up tracking for any item. Search for the item right in the app to view all available variations. Select a product to view all retailers who currently offer the item, and specify which you'd prefer to purchase from. If you'd rather wait until the item is cheaper, simply enter the maximum price you're willing to pay. Shopquest Plus subscribers can enable AutoOrder, which will use your payment method on file to purchase the item for you once it becomes available.

Gifts, Wishlists, & Notifications

On top of basic item tracking, Shopquest has a number of secondary features. Connect with your friends and family in the app to view their personalized wish lists, and set up tracking for hard-to-find gift items. The app also provides relevant notifications, such as sale and price-match opportunities for recently purchased items along with alerts for current items that may go on sale in the near future.

By automatically purchasing hard-to-find items, providing timely notifications on item sales, and simplifying the gift-buying experience, Shopquest takes the stress out of shopping.

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