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I design digital products
and interfaces that

emphasize simplicity

scale fluidly

prioritize accessibility

operate with integrity

emphasize simplicity

Hey! I'm Sean, an interface and product designer passionate about adding value to people's lives by simplifying and elevating the digital experiences we encounter every day. I design for mobile and the web to create products that are intuitive and websites that communicate information in unique and compelling ways. I keep a focus on clean branding and aesthetics while prioritizing accessibility and ethical UX design, and have experience working with complex design systems and developing new digital-first brand identities that bring these products to life.

Currently I work as a product designer within EY Canada’s design studio, and am a recent graduate of the Bachelor of Design program at York University. I have a growing interest in the fusion of design and development (I coded this website!) in order to create pixel-perfect outputs from start to finish. I also enjoy incorporating video editing and motion design into projects whenever possible.

In my free time, you'll find me reading the latest tech news, listening to music and podcasts (shoutout to the Vergecast), learning guitar, and browsing my favourite architecture and design studios. If you have an opportunity or want to chat, don't hesitate to reach out!


My style is minimalist. I strive to create intuitive interfaces by decluttering pages and presenting content methodically. Where appropriate, I take stylistic direction from Apple and Google developer guidelines.


Flexible design systems are central to my work. This means systems that are designed to scale over time, and interfaces that look beautiful and function equally on every device size.


Creating inclusive experiences means designing for a wide range of end users. I am AODA certified, and aim to incorporate web accessibility best practices into the foundation of every project.


Most critically, I design products that are ethical; interfaces that treat users with autonomy and respect. My goal is to design truly useful experiences that add value to people's lives and their communities.